Van Doren Campaign Reveals The Truth

We only address this issue because it has come up often in the past 3 days.

As you can imagine, the past few days since Ken announced his write in candidacy as an Independent, have been busy, and interesting! Many people have had numerous questions, and yes, accusations – that is only natural. This kind of situation doesn’t happen often in our district. We welcome these questions, and thank you for your time!

There is an important myth that the Van Doren campaign wishes to dispel – The Republican Party keeps losing because of third parties (or blacks, or latinos, or gays, or women, etc).

Here is the truth:

Col. Ray Boland, who ran for this seat in 2012, lost. There were only two candidates running. Boland and Kind. Who did the Republican Party blame that year?

In 2010, Dan Kapanke lost – and there was someone else running, however, that person did not get enough votes to make any difference in Kapanke’s outcome. Kapanke lost by more votes than the third party candidate received.

In other words, both Republicans easily lost on their own.
This is not a Republican district.

Republicans have tried to beat Congressman Ron Kind for almost TWENTY years now, and have not been successful. You would think the party leadership would finally change their strategy, but instead, they prefer to spend their resources attacking and alienating people who tried to be part of the party – people like Ken Van Doren.

This idea that Ken will somehow “steal” votes from the Republican Party is just absurd.

The idea that the Republican Party or Tony Kurtz “owns” you or your vote is equally absurd.

The Republican Party needs to accept responsibility for all their losses and stop blaming others. Stop blaming blacks, stop blaming latinos, stop blaming third parties, stop blaming women voters, stop blaming Libertarians, stop blaming independents.

If the party wants to keep pushing candidates who are (choose one/all) wishy-washy, who are not conservative, who do not know the issues, who do not have a platform or who are on the wrong side of the issues – they can expect to continue to suffer loss after loss, especially in this district, which is even MORE democrat/independent than it was back when Kapanke was defeated. Blame Ken Van Doren? I don’t think so.

How many times did they tell us “Only Tommy Thompson can win!” or “Only Mitt Romney can win!”. Now it will be “Only Tony Kurtz can win!”.

Please, Republican Party, tell us in detail how Tony Kurtz can win. But don’t worry, your members won’t bother to ask. On November 5th, you can just say it’s Ken Van Doren’s fault, and then repeat the same mistakes again in 2016.

We are not voting for Homecoming King here, we are supposed to be voting for someone who has the ability and the knowledge and the integrity to do what is right in Washington.

If you want to have a serious, adult discussion about the issues, Ken Van Doren is your man – plain and simple.

However, if you only want to see cute pictures of parades and picnics, and listen to a man who is living out his midlife crisis and obsessing over flying helicopters 10-30 years ago, your support of Tony Kurtz is well warranted.

Republican Party leadership and their followers did a bang up job of portraying Ken Van Doren as anti-military when Ken first mentioned that the Kurtz campaign is running on empty, but let’s all remember – Ken comes from a military family, including his own father and son, and Ken was endorsed by several vets and more keep supporting him. Also, John McCain used to serve in the military too, but look how he turned out, with Republicans like him – who needs Democrats? McCain’s brand of “conservatism” is not acceptable to most true conservatives.

It’s an old trick – if you say anything at all about Obama, you’re a racist! If you say anything at all about a woman candidate, you’re a sexist. If you say anything at all about someone who was in the service, you’re anti-military.

The guy that the Republican party wants you to coalesce around, Tony Kurtz, refused to debate against two senior citizens on WPR, has no clue about the issues other than his few meager talking points, but they want you to believe Kurtz is somehow equipped to take on a sitting Congressman who has more than a million dollars – when Tony’s own campaign is financially upside down to the extent that he had to lie about his fundraising?

Kurtz supports amnesty and giving citizenship to illegal aliens who crossed our borders illegally (there are millions of them!). Did we not learn from our mistakes in 1986? Kurtz has been silent on the issue of Common Core – and quite frankly, most every other issue that is important to the American people. Republicans have only themselves to blame if they continue voting for people like this. They have NO right to blame Ken Van Doren.

Think about this – are we really supposed to believe that Kurtz is a better candidate than Kapanke or Boland, both whom were far more qualified for the job? They both got beat! The fact is, the numbers tell us that this district will NOT elect anyone with an R behind their name.

The real reason to coalesce around Kurtz is to keep the many high priced Republican operatives (“consultants”) in business. It didn’t take long for them to figure out that Kurtz is willing to shell out more than $13,000 a month out of his own pocket – to keep hearing them tell him he is going to win.

Read the election numbers, county by county as we did. You’ll see it looks obvious that the congressional race was overvoted as compared to other Republican races – that confirms exactly what we heard right before the primary – Democrats and Ron Kind supporters came out to vote for who they knew would be easiest to beat in November. In La Crosse county alone, 500 more people voted for Republican congress than voted for Republican treasurer. On the same ballot! More people voted for Republican congress than voted for Scott Walker and AG, LG and SOS. Democrats have been playing this game for years.

People have said, but Ken lost the primary! What those same people won’t tell you is that those primaries are PARTISAN – you MUST vote for a D or an R, and that is something many independents just won’t do. The primary turn out in the third district was dismal – people just didn’t care. Republicans just didn’t care – because if you have lived here long enough, you know the chances of an R winning in November are next to impossible.

In closing, we want you to know, that on election night, both Ken and Ken’s campaign staff sent our congrats to the Kurtz campaign, VIA text (it was late at night!) and through the Third District Chairman (and we posted it on Ken’s Facebook page that evening) – Kurtz never once said thanks to any of us. Ken was not even acknowledged. Kurtz had several days between the primary and the Unity Breakfast to acknowledge our congratulations, but he didn’t. If there is anything worse than a “sore loser” it is a “sore winner”.

Considering Kurtz’s position on important issues, and his lack of a position on just about everything else, how could Ken support him post-primary? He couldn’t, although Ken made clear he would have supported Karen Mueller. Ken is a man of principle, not hyper-partisanship and phony platitudes, which is part of what led to Ken’s resignation from the party – not sour grapes.

Then, on Monday, August 18th, nearly a week after the primary, Ken reregistered his campaign and is running as an Independent in November.

Ken isn’t stealing your 13,000 primary votes. He is bringing out independents and those who care about the issues.

There are more than 390,000 registered voters in THIS district who did not vote for Tony Kurtz on August 12th. Those are the people Ken will be reaching out to between now and November.

If you are a person who cares about this country and you want someone who will stand up for us, please consider supporting Ken Van Doren for Congress on November 4th. He is not backing down and here at Team Van Doren, we are gearing up for the battle.

Now, back to the serious issues our country is facing…

If you care about the issues, we thank you for that!

If you care about the issues, Ken Van Doren wants you on board!




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