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The reason Ken is running is so those of you who want to be heard, can be heard. Ken Van Doren would love to hear from you!


Postal Mail (new address):
Ken Van Doren for Congress
PO Box 513
Portage, WI 53901




Social Media Policy: We understand that all people have differences of opinion, small or large, which can lead to heated discussions. We do not view this as a negative, because often it leads to a resolution or a better understanding of other viewpoints that we can all learn from. We believe people expect meaningful dialog when they engage with us. Debates and discussion about the federal issues that are important to you are welcomed. Ken’s pages are his, and are publicly viewable by everyone, including children. Being critical or even skeptical is one thing, but, we draw the line at personal attacks or profanity towards anyone (guests, volunteers, staff, Ken, others) on our social media pages. Also, if you have any questions that are of a personal nature that you do not wish to discuss publicly, you can email us here, or send us a private message on Facebook. Thanks for your understanding. We are committed to staying focused on the issues that are important to the American people!

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